Our mission is socially and environmentally sustainable business, which we see as key to sustainable development and environmental protection. We therefore offer products that bring pleasure without negative impacts on our health and the planet.

Every part of our products – wax, essences, wicks as well as packaging – are made of natural, ecological and recyclable materials.

"When I founded SO.SLOW in 2020, I knew that every product had to be made of natural, recycled and reusable materials so that minimal impact on the environment was not just one of the goals of my brand, but its essential feature."

Founder, Kristina Mikulajová


Commonly available candles have a priority in price, bringing the customer a cheap and maybe even lovely product with maximum profit. They represent something that quickly catches the attention of buyers. My idea was not to continue creating cheap, low-quality and harmful products. For this reason, we never use paraffin, produced from petroleum, which is most often used in making conventional candles. We use exclusively natural soy wax. We replaced the artificial wicks with rosewood wicks. With SO.SLOW candles, you can be sure that you are not burning a petroleum product at home, which releases toxic substances into the air like those produced by smoking. We don't want to profit from something that harms the customer.


The name SO.SLOW carries the meaning of our values and expectations for our brand. From the beginning, we produced our products slowly. Slow in the sense of slow, more sustainable production and production processes. We manually glue the wick into each candle, pour wax and stick labels. Every candle goes through our hands during production; thanks to this, our products are of the highest possible quality. In addition to the production process, we also care about the ingredients and materials we use. We try to get ingredients from more sustainable and local sources as much as possible and from suppliers who also care about a "slow" and ethical approach to business. 


Part of our philosophy is also to show that the life of products does not end with their use. As part of our recycling program, product packaging is returnable; you can find more information here. You can give them a second life, but also yourself. We create some of the containers intentionally for reuse as glasses or mugs. Our cotton bags, in which most of our candles are packaged, are ideal for small items, for unpackaged shopping or for keeping small snacks. Tag us at Instagram, we'd love to see how you reuse the packaging.


As part of our production, we want to avoid unnecessary waste generation. That's why we try to create packaging for our products so that they don't end up in the trash immediately after unpacking, but so that customers can find a secondary use in them. The paper boxes we use for packaging some products are always made of recyclable and ecological paper. We cannot avoid waste as a company, we have to pack candles in such a way that they arrive undamaged to customers. However, we are trying to implement small changes that are very important to us. We live in a time when online shopping cannot be avoided even by us. However, changes such as using only used boxes in which we pack orders or paper tape slightly improve our carbon footprint.