Introducing the Ceramic Burner in beige, a hand-turned round vessel made in collaboration with a ceramic studio operating in Modra. The Ceramic Burner is the perfect way to use our new PALO SANTO pieces, which are the perfect size to fit in a container.

Ceramic Burner in beige color is made exclusively using manual techniques. Its design is simple yet elegant, with a beige glaze that will look great in any home. The lid closes tightly, ensuring that the PALO SANTO pieces stay safely inside.

Burner is easy to use. Simply open the lid and fill it with PALO SANTO pieces. Then light the wood and enjoy the pleasant aroma. The lid can also be used as a plate or a mat for burning pieces.

Made in Modra/Slovakia


In stock


The Ceramic Burner package consists of a ceramic container and 5 pieces of our Palo Santo sticks. This is a great way to enjoy the benefits of Palo Santo. The scent has calming and relaxing properties as well as other medicinal benefits. Get your Ceramic Burner today and experience the soothing effects of sacred Palo Santo.