Modra is proud to present its latest addition to the family of scented ceramic containers - INCENSE ROPE HOLDER, a handmade ceramic holder for incense ropes. Crafted from natural clay, this eye-catching and functional piece will enhance your vaping experience.

It is designed with a unique wavy shape to hold your fragrance ropes securely. The thick walls and heavy base ensure that it will not tip over or slide, and the smudge stick will burn safely and stably.

The charming, hand-sculpted design looks great in any home, and the natural clay finish adds a touch of luxury. The holder is easy to clean and can be used with any type of smudge stick.

Made in Modra/Slovakia


In stock


Experience a luxurious aroma with Modra’s hand-thrown ceramic Incense Rope Holder. Get yours today and enjoy a unique and beautiful piece of art in your home.