Production and environment

The basis for the production of SO.SLOW candles is soy wax. For our company, the priority is sustainability, the safety of our candles and our impact on the environment.

For this reason, we use exclusively soy wax for the production of candles, without the addition of chemical preservatives. At SO.SLOW, we never use paraffin or other chemical wax substitutes when making candles. At the same time, we do not use chemical additives to modify the consistency, appearance, smell or other properties of the candles.

Wax used in SO.SLOW is produced by a complex technological process from soybean oil. At harvest, the beans are cleaned, cracked, peeled and wound into braids. Approximately 60 pieces of top quality soybeans are used to extract soybean oil.

Smells SO.SLOW, like all the other components of the candle, are of natural origin and are created by maceration of natural herbs, flowers or plants. The fragrances you have chosen come from the center of world fragrances, z of the French city of GRASSE. We always select fragrances for the current season personally, directly at the manufacturers. The possibility to see and control the material for the production of fragrances and the production process itself is a matter of course for us. 

Wicks The SO.SLOW we choose for our candles must also meet high demands for sustainability as well as functionality. The wicks used in the production of candles are exclusively made of high-quality wood. 

A wooden wick is a purely natural product with a specific burning process. It gives the candle a pleasant atmosphere and burning intensity.





The candle cups used in SO.SLOW can be recycled. We accept glasses for refilling.

How to return a glass cup from a burned out candle?

Bring a glass to any store that offers our candles, overview HERE. Where you get an immediate discount of €0.5 for each undamaged glass brought in.


Collect at least 4 cups, they must be carefully packed and sent to our address. Then, we will add points to your account for every cup. For every 10. glass, you have a candle of your choice for free. Alternatively, it is possible to hand over the glasses during personal collection (it works the same as when sending glasses).